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Dawn's Story

Dawn Jiosi, Founder

Dawn Jiosi was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey. She experienced her first major life loss when her parents divorced and her father left the house, leaving Dawn to take over many parental responsibilities. Dawn, only 14 years old and experiencing the first major shock of her life so far, began to develop and refine the qualities that have made her into the successful leader she is today. 

Dawn has always been very independent and loved working. At age 19, right out of high school, she was already working for a newspaper and managing a set of staff. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found a business of her own in her early twenties. It was while working for this business that she first met her husband, Andries. They crossed paths many times, and after meeting in 1996 and slowly developing a relationship, Dawn and Andries got married in 1998.

Dawn and Andries soon had two kids and were working together at the company that Dawn had helped create. Everything seemed perfect. Then, in 2008, Dawn got a call that no one on earth ever wants to receive -- Andries had died. And so began the hardest chapter of Dawn's life.

"A New Dawn" is a business like no other.
I know this is what I was brought here to do; 
it is my new purpose in life.

That phone call in June 2008 was the beginning of Dawn's journey. Though, at the time, Dawn saw it as anything but a new beginning--it seemed like it was the end of almost everything for her. And then the worst thought of all entered her mind: she was going to have to tell her children that their beloved father was dead.

After years of traversing through the grief process, Dawn made a decision: she would not be a victim. She would not be labeled a "widow." And--most importantly--she would make sure that no one else would be, either. This idea was the spark that ignited the creation of "A New Dawn."

Dawn is dedicated to healing the body, mind, and spirit of herself and of others. She believes that the best way to do this is by establishing a compassionate community where people can heal together; a community where no one will be left to grieve alone. A New Dawn is that community. We are here for you, no matter what your circumstance, and we will help you through your journey.


Together we will share, together we will heal, and together we will love.

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