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"In a world that is changing rapidly,

where does one look for mastery

over one’s destiny?"

To the greatest resource of all


Intuitive Soul Mastery


Imagine how great it would feel:


  • To know and sense a deeper state of insight and connection to your inner spirit and greater consciousness - all the time?


  • To have control over life’s daily concerns without emotional strain and effort?


  • To enjoying the freedom from the limitations you might now see as holding you back?


With Conscious Mind Mastery, nothing holds you back in life. You will have the ability to create positive lasting change in your life and the lives of all those with whom you share your world.



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Have You Mastered Your Mind?


The deep, inner core of your being is the greatest resource you have access to. Your mastery of this resource leads to success, love, confidence, focus, direction, health, and well-being.


Most people are not consciously aware that, as Nigel says, “our thoughts are real forces,” either leading us towards a greater reality or leading us away from our highest good. They also effect others, as other’s thoughts impact us, without our conscious awareness. When you explore and embrace Intuitive Soul Mastery, you will tap into the state of conscious Mindfulness, access a higher connection with your Spirit, and receive clear direction and awareness of your Source. You will realize that there is only one Mind and all are connected to that One. Your own “Intuitive Guidance System” will be revealed and developed, allowing you to flow through life, and all its twists and turns, with ease and calm.


Today, you have a choice. Master your Mind with proven technologies and training, or give in to external forces and allow yourself to drift according to the whims of others, the media society, institutions, co-workers, family members, or any group that impacts your freedom of direction in your own life.




Your soul is saying
“I know your deepest desires, but do you? I know what you are capable of,
but do you?”

A glimpse of your weekend experience:

  • You will engage in a 2 1/2 day immersion of progressive learning and application of proven, uncomplicated protocols for mind management and connection to higher consciousness for deep mind/body/soul expansion.


  • Nigel will convey these processes to you in a way that makes them easy to follow and practice, enjoyable and enlightening. The more you practice the more you will want to continue!


  • Nigel will teach, guide and direct as you share - as a small group - a finely tuned series of exercises that train your mind, improve memory, awaken talents, allow you to thrive amidst stress and loss, heighten your awareness and connect you to universal energies.


  • You will receive the guidance to effectively and accurately tap into your intuitive knowing, accessing higher non-physical guidance, and manifest desired outcomes.


  • You will receive a supporting concise manual for your use during and after the course.


  • Audio recordings of the protocols will be available for continued practice.  


  • Each day will be an adventure of exploration and empowerment!

Your soul is saying, “I know your deepest desires, but do you? I know what you are capable of, but do you?”

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