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You Can Spread the Message That You Care Through Sponsoring Our Events

Your Branding will appear on: 

  • WEBSITE: our event and ticket pages,

  • EMAIL: Invitations and confirmation emails,

  • PR: Your logo will be included in Press Releases to invite industry and media to attend the event,

  • AT THE EVENT: We provide prominent branding such as; a step & repeat, swag bags, TV screens on either side of the stage.

  • MEDIA SCREENS: You can play a 30-second commercial in between Entertainment.

  • LIVE: “Big thanks to your brand/company for supporting us” during speeches,

  • VIDEO: The evening will be captured on video by a broadcast-quality production crew for future presentations.

  • BEYOND THE EVENT: Your branding will be seen by many more people than attend the event: Club members, online traffic and future TV audiences.

  • GOOD WILL: Your company will be seen in a very positive light as you'll be supporting a great cause, which wins you favor with customers, clients and in the Public’s eye!

  • CUSTOM: You know your brand's objectives better than anyone, so let's talk to see how we can help you reach your goals.




  • Kate Rolston: EMAIL

  • Call or text Kate: CALL NOW

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