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Nigel Taylor

SATSONICS was created for people to de-stress on-the-go, get more out of their meditation, and for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings, of which conventionally-taught meditational techniques and Binaurel Beats are a part. click More on SATSONICS.


Nigel has been called a “teacher of teachers". As author, teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor, he has served individuals, schools, corporations, and institutions across the planet in a transformational capacity for 46 years. Nigel began his exploration of mind, memory and consciousness outcomes at the age of 15 in his home town of Perth in Australia. This early instruction validated to him the importance of self images, sounds, feelings and emotions in precipitating responses deep within. This interest in music led to training in radio and television school when he was 15.


It was here that Nigel discovered that sound, albeit through rock and pop, had the capacity to invoke very specific outcomes in both group and individual behavior. Each time he worked he tested to see how people responded to volume, pitch, tone and lyrics of specific pieces of music. Ultimately Nigel learned how to read people energetically by way of their musical responses and dislikes.


During this same time Nigel spent 10 years teaching in Western Australia, further developing his outcome-based methods before the spirit led him to strap on a backpack and start traveling the world. He discovered the power of dance, sounds, tone and trance from the Australian Aborigines, the power of Mantra and chanting, prayer and collective singing from masters in India, energy projection from the Chi masters and ancient healers from Asia.  more here

Nigel Taylor is the creator of SATSONICS, the science of applying a variety of specific sounds, tones, beats AND voice combinations to "train" your brain into the moods or mental states YOU want.

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