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A New Dawn?

A New Dawn

Dawn Jiosi founded A New Dawn in the spring of 2016. Inspired by the loss of her husband 8 years earlier and by her experiences as a widow, Dawn decided that there needed to be a new, more positive and community-based way for others like herself to handle losses of their own. This focus on positivity, love and community is the basis of what A New Dawn seeks to accomplish.


A New Dawn’s mission is to help people heal from the symptoms of loss and to show them how they can transition through the grief process in a better, more loving and effective way.






















We are a community committed to supporting people dealing with loss of any kind, and we will help every member of the A New Dawn family physically, mentally, and spiritually. A New Dawn also aims to change society’s taboos regarding widows and divorcées, primarily by helping women (and all members of A New Dawn) shift from just surviving to absolutely thriving.


We want to help people understand that death and loss can be transcending experiences, and we are here, every step of the way, to help you share, heal, and love.

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