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Kate's Story

Kate Rolston, General Manager

Kate Rolston was born and raised in the North of England with five siblings and a huge extended family. When she was seven, her parents divorced, which had both positive and negative effects on all of the brood. Back in the 1970’s, Kate often found herself feeling embarrassed, as she was one of only a few kids with divorced parents in her school; however, she also found that people had started to come to her for advice about issues with their parents, siblings and love lives – something that has continued to this day!


After a career as an actress, professional dancer, and choreographer in the UK, Italy, and Greece, Kate made her way to New York City where she met her husband. While the couple was on a trip to meet Kate’s father, they got the news that he had been rushed to the ICU, ironically after surviving a year of chemotherapy treatments. Sadly, her father passed away while they were in transit, so she was never able to get the closure she had desired since she was a child.

Today, Kate is an extremely passionate & award-winning Executive Producer of Television, Film, & Digital video content. In 2010, Kate sold “Real Savvy Moms” (her award-winning ‘mom TV’ brand) to Disney and has since been considered by many to be an expert in her field, as she is hired as both a consultant and a producer and director on important educational projects focused on moms, family, and women’s issues. In 2011 she produced “Defining Moments,” a documentary about Pelvic Health on Lifetime TV. In 2012, Kate helped launch the video health site, Know More TV, and in 2014, she was the Executive Producer on "40 Weeks," a movie about pregnancy. In 2015, she was EP on "The Dr. Gerry Show," and she is currently in pre-production on a new project called "Pain is the PITS." Kate will be the Producer and Director of "A New Dawn," a documentary about surviving and thriving through loss and change, featuring her dear friend, Dawn Jiosi.

Kate Rolston Talks About Her Career in Media and TV, her Award-Winning Show, Real Savvy Moms and the Inspiration Behind the Film, "A New Dawn."

Kate’s deepest wish is that this project will be healing for people all over the world going through loss and change, and she extends her gratitude to Dawn Jiosi for generously sharing her story, her advice and her loving heart to help others.

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