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Open to Love

Open to love is a blog series about the importance of love. I started this series because LOVE is truly all there is. What I mean by this is: Love is the answer. If in any given thought, moment or circumstance we bring in love and view things from the perspective of love, we can truly heal. The death of my husband brought me to my knees. A bottoming out of sorts. In this place I experienced emotions on a level I never knew before. Betrayal, anger, abandonment. Not by my husband so much as by God!!

It wasn't until I was watching a movie about mother Theresa who was said to have always felt abandoned by God - this same darkness and feeling of abandonment, nevertheless, was said to have propelled her to achieve what she did. I realized these exact same emotions which I never became comfortable with and thought would literally kill me at some point were the ones that fueled me to do what I am doing.

I know this business was divinely ordained because I do not think I alone would have chosen it.

"Why would I want to create a business that would bring me back into the depths of sorrow, memories of trauma and recounting the worse time of my life?"

Honestly, it wasn't until I started A New Dawn, that I realized the depths of those emotions that had not been healed or released. Knowing this I am nothing but grateful for the opportunity to bring hope, faith and most of all love back into the lives of people who are suffering from loss.

I am looking forward to helping all to heal and learn to celebrate life and love with all who want to join me!

In gratefulness and love,


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